We think that "better than outsourcing" is a pretty low bar. It's almost too easy. So instead, we'd like to offer a list of reasons why EnfraUSA is pretty much better than any other workforce solution ever. 

Your Employee is Yours. Period.

Once you select and hire a remote employee through us, that employee is yours. Your employee does not work on anyone else's business. You set their hours. You assign them tasks. You have full access to them in real-time. They work for you only, and on your schedule. Not sure how we can say this any stronger. Yours.

Only Top Candidates Need Apply

Every potential employee we offer you has already been vetted for industry experience, a spotless record, and a history of excellence. In fact, we only hire professionals who have worked in Fortune 1000 companies. Some people say that's too stringent. Funny how 'some people' never includes our satisfied clients. 

A Country You Can Trust: The Philippines

We'll cut to the chase... you can save a ton of money outsourcing to other countries. But they might steal your ideas, be deficient in educational resources, possess iffy infrastructure, have a government that wouldn't call the US their BFF, or have a tough time speaking English. You want none of this. You want to work with a nation that speaks English, has smart people who are friendly to boot, has incorporated American culture into its day-to-day life, and doesn't have 99 problems. 

Discretion and Security to the Nth Degree

Here's the thing. We know that our clients don't really want to shout from the rooftops that they are utilizing overseas resources. We get it.  For this reason, we don't let anyone know who our clients are. This is why you won't see testimonials on this site. Instead, we give you two weeks, on us. We also know that working with overseas staff can seem risky. Hopefully, policies strictly implemented by our QA and management teams—like the no cell phone policy, no pen/paper policy or no contact outside of EnfraUSA between you and your employee policy—along with our facial recognition secured facilities, put you at ease. We trust our employees, but more important than that, we want you to trust the process. This is what it takes to achieve that. 

We Take Care of it

Management isn't fun. We know it's a pain to manage employees when you'd rather be focusing on your core business. Luckily, managing employees is our core business, so we gladly take that over for you. Aside from letting your employee know what you need done, the only other thing you need to worry about is paying your monthly flat fee. We will handle your employee's paycheck, schedule, administration, training, and performance against your standards (yes, we will happily play bad cop if things aren't to your satisfaction). We even train back-ups to help cover unforeseen work disruptions whenever possible. 

Word of Mouth and Retention

You can talk all day about how good you are, but if your clients don't recommend you, or worse, if they don't stick around, you're delusional. Fun web copy and quirky visuals aside, at the end of the day, our record is what speaks loudest. We're fine with that because it's a damn good one. We're proudest of the fact that our clients have stayed with us an average of 45 months (and if you remove clients who have been with us less than three years, that average jumps to 61 months!). Even our former clients were with us an average of 20 months. Also, most of our clients are word of mouth referrals. Can we drop the mic now?

We're American

At the end of the day, we want you to know that we understand you, is all we're saying. We cut our teeth in corporate America and we know what you like and don't like about overseas resources. We speak your language, figuratively and literally. We have found a better solution to help American small and medium sized businesses to compete and succeed in a globalized economy, and we want to help you. This is a game we can all win.