We’ll tell you exactly what we do and how we do it: short and simple. No jargon, no bull. Also, notice that we don't even use stock art! These are all actual photos of our staff and office. How's that for swimming against the business tide? When you have something that works, there's no need to dazzle. Let's break it down:

Selecting an Employee

  • You tell us what you're looking for (check our talent pool for jobs we can fill). We provide you with resumes.
  • All of our employees are based in the Philippines. We believe it's an employer's utopia here: educated professionals, English proficiency, cost-effectiveness, robust infrastructure, American-friendly, and simply the nicest people around!
  • But we digress... you select the candidates you like. We set up phone interviews.
  • You interview candidates and select the one you want to work with (or ask us for more candidates and we do this over again).


  • You provide us with your requirements for software, tools and knowledge/skills. We set it all up and then schedule a training session.
  • You train the employee via videoconference. We record it so your employee, any future employees, and their backups can refer to it later. 


  • You provide assignments and deliverables. Our managers will work with you and your employee to ensure quality on-time completion. 
  • You pay us a flat monthly fee. That's it. No hidden charges, no surprises. We're boring like that.
  • We won't lock you into long term contracts, either. When you no longer need our services, simply give us 30 days notice. 

No Leap of Faith Required

  • You can do all of the above for two weeks at no cost. We believe there's no more effective way to convince you that this works than to simply show you that this works. Maybe next year we'll do a Super Bowl commercial. But for now, you'll have to settle for two weeks of free service.