The e-myth's role and outsourcing

We’re going to tell you something that you already know but most probably don’t believe. You might as well sit down for this one.

Are you ready? Okay.

“Your business is not your life.”

Now before you say “go home, EnfraUSA , you are drunk” let us just clarify that it was Michael Gerber who said this in his book The E-Myth Revisited. However, we will say that have to agree. At the heart of this statement is the question, “Are you working IN your business or ON your business?” If your answer is ‘in,’ then you’re well on your way to becoming one of the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who failed to recognize what it takes to grow a business.

The secret? Knowing that the true product of a business is the business itself; therefore you have to create a system that would continue to work with or without your close supervision. Of course, Gerber wrote this way back in 1995 when the advancements in technology we have now were all but a dream. Although we’re pretty positive that had there been such technology back then, he’d likely include outsourcing as part of this system.

He explained that your job as a business owner is to prepare yourself and your business for growth. In other words, it’s about working smarter not harder; about envisioning your business apart from you and not a part of you. Regardless of whether or not you totally agree with him, you have to admit that Gerber does have a point in negating the thinking that in order to grow a small business, the owner has to be a hundred-and-ten percent neck-deep in every single detail.

Your business is not your life, though we’ve heard entrepreneurs say time and time again that their business is their baby. It might feel that way but it shouldn’t work that way. A true entrepreneur is a visionary at heart. And there’s just no innovation that can be visualized and realized if you’re too preoccupied with tasks that you can easily delegate to other people, or better yet, outsource to remote partners who will live and breathe your system.

That’s what we’re here for. We are here for you when you decide to outsource – but we’re a better option than what you have come to know as outsourcing.  Your work won’t be farmed out to an unknown person or team. We will help you hire your own dedicated employee who only works for you, in our facilities, under our supervision. All the security with none of the administrative hassles. How’s that for a win-win? We’re here to back your vision a hundred-and-ten percent. And with our help, you’ll soon realize how great it is to have that entrepreneurial freedom while still being able to cover all the moving parts that propel your business forward.