It's Time to Take the Helm

If you’re feeling as though you’ve been wearing more hats than you can handle, you might be considering the option of entrusting an outside party to handle some of the tasks bringing you down. Much like decluttering a physical space, sometimes you also need to let go of routine time-consuming tasks that take you away from focusing the tasks that build your core business.

You may be considering outsourcing. After all, it enables you to spend your time, energy, and resources to engage in more profitable and developmental activities. But how do you determine what activities are taking you away from these? Simple. Just ask yourself. Because chances are, if it feels as though you’re wasting your time and talent on a certain task, then you most likely are.

However, do you really want to just hand these off to an outside party to just take over? To give you an idea of what most employers see as extraneous, here’s a list of some of the most common duties that small businesses prefer to outsource:

  • Data Entry
  • Technical support
  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing Tasks (e.g. social media, website maintenance, etc.
  • Customer Service/CRM

While every “outsource-able” job you shed enables you to re-focus your energy on your core business, many of them are still contain your “secret sauce.” So now the question becomes how do you safely shed all the hats weighing you down and don that one all-important hat that would put you at the helm – your inner captain’s hat, if you will.

Well, answer isn’t outsourcing, but it’s close. You want to find that balance between the cost and effort savings that outsourcing can provide, while enjoying the peace of mind that hiring your own employee can give you. That’s where EnfraUSA can help. We can provide you with the best crew to take care of all the other duties, giving you that much-needed space to effectively strategize the best routes to take your business forward. And they are exclusively yours. They work for you and only you, out of our offices, and under our management. This way, you literally only worry about giving them tasks you need completed. This is what a true captain needs. It’s not so much cutting your travel time short, but rather of making the journey much smoother and less troublesome.